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From the midseason trailer

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sterek caps :: 8 / ???

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#THIS IS ALL FROM ONE EPISODE KILL ME #AND SHE STILL MANAGED TO SAVE THE WORLD #buffy summers is a fucking superhero in every sense of the word

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Get rid of your boundaries and the universe is yours.

i know i reblog this a lot but fuckin look at it

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A Kristanna family. From beginning to now.

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wordsthatfall replied to your photo “Mako Mori inspired hair cut, with a red streak instead of the two…”

Ahh, it’s so cute and you’re so beautiful!!

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much<3

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I actually happen to be really pissed off about Teen Wolf right at this moment with the amount of unnecessary crap they are pulling right at this moment in time. But let me focus on the two that are really getting on my nerves.

1. Malia and Stiles, together after one fucking episode. I mean I though Derek/Jennifer was rushed in 3a but this is taking the crap. I fell it was just put in there for an excuse to have Stiles with someone. It was not needed and they are much better plot devices that could have been used instead of it.

2. They are casting a character nicknamed ‘Danny 2.0’ WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THE DANNY YOU ALREADY FUCKING HAVE TEEN WOLF? 
There are a million ways that Danny could have been brought into the main storyline but not he is just been brushed to the side as a token gay character to get replaced came season four. Seriously Davis, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING!?

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Mako Mori inspired hair cut, with a red streak instead of the two blue.
Red looks better on me I think.

Mako Mori inspired hair cut, with a red streak instead of the two blue.

Red looks better on me I think.

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If Heaven and Hell decideThat they both are satisfiedIlluminate the &#8220;No&#8220;&#8216;s on their vacancy signsIf there&#8217;s no one beside youWhen your soul embarksThen I&#8217;ll follow you into the dark

If Heaven and Hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the “No“‘s on their vacancy signs
If there’s no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I’ll follow you into the dark

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#dean in the last one is just like #dammit # i am so fucking #OVER #finding shit like this #fucking eyeball soup #nope #fuck this shit #im done #while sams just like #thats gross

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